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Journals to Healing

Journals to Healing

Compassionate Journals
for Self-Discovery and Healing.


Healing Journals

Embark on a transformative journey with the Journals to Healing series. These compassionate journals guide you through

self-discovery with guided prompts, journaling space, and reflection exercises. Explore forgiveness, dreams, gratitude, and more on your path to healing and empowerment.

These journals are crafted with specific topics to assist you in whatever you may be experiencing. They are ideal for young adults, women, and anyone seeking to enrich their personal healing journey.

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In 2020, I began my healing journey to recover from past traumas and increase my self-awareness. During this time, I contacted a YouTube creator who had helped me and suggested they create workbooks to aid in the healing process.

About a year later, after experiencing significant personal growth, I realized I could create journals to assist others in their healing journeys. I meticulously took notes, planned, and crafted these journals to provide additional support for anyone undergoing their own healing process.

My ultimate goal is to help people heal from their traumas, take responsibility for their triggers, and live lives filled with peace and happiness. Peace leads to joy, and the more people who experience peace, the better our world becomes.

Brandilyn Hallcroft



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