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Breaking the Cycle: A Journey of Compassion and Healing

Updated: May 11

Journey to Healing

I recently watched a moving YouTube video by Mark Laita featuring a 17-year-old homeless boy in LA who had endured a lifetime of abuse, struggling with drugs and a deep sense of isolation.

The video was posted just eight days ago. The most heart-wrenching moment was when Mark asked the boy if he had ever felt loved, and he tearfully replied, "No." Mark promised to take him to a mental health facility for help, and I genuinely hope the boy receives the support he needs to lead a happier life.

Pain often becomes a cycle, beginning before birth and influenced by the circumstances of one's birth. What's particularly tragic about people like Jesse is that they never chose the life they were born into. Jesse mentioned his mother, an addict who told him she wished he was never born. I don't condemn her; she is also a victim of her own pain.

Those who experience trauma often unknowingly pass it on if they don't receive the help they need. It's a cycle that continues until someone breaks it.

I've chosen to break this cycle and encourage others to do the same. It's about finding compassion for others without subjecting yourself to further emotional pain. It's understanding that those who hurt others are often deeply wounded themselves, trapped in a cycle of suffering.

I still struggle with this, significantly when someone harms me and refuses to acknowledge it. In those situations, I distance myself physically, emotionally, and mentally while sending blessings their way, hoping they find the healing they need to stop hurting themselves and others.

Yes, people are responsible for themselves and their behavior, but shaming them isn't helpful to either of you. When someone causes you pain, try wishing them well and stepping away. Then, heal the pain they caused you so you don’t unintentionally pass it on. Breaking the cycle of pain begins with love and compassion.

If you would like to watch the video, here is the link:

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